Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Fashion Truth

Have you ever heard the saying 'Fashion is an escape from reality'? Neither have I, because I thought it up myself! I guess in a way, fashion is a form of comfort; walking into a shop filled with bright new clothes and the smell of fresh material is exciting, a new dress, a new you! Fashion really brightens up life when it becomes dull; I guess that's why there are so many binge-shoppers out there; maybe people who are insecure become reliant on fashion to become a substitute for love and comfort? For most people though it's not that extreme! Fashion is a positive thing; an instant confidence boost and expression of personality and character.

Anyway, I couldn't be a binge-shopper even if I wanted to with my budget! I don't mind though, I have just as much fun trying on clothes and seeing what kind of styles and shaped clothing suits me for future purchasing - a great way to get fashion wise! Know your body shape and discover the clothing that flatters it best. If you want to find out what body shape you are click this link > http://www.shopyourshape.com/

L.K.Bennett: Oatmeal Dress

Yesterday I had such a great time looking through various shops in Exeter city centre with my sister, including Jane Norman, Reiss, Jack Wills and Oasis. I was browsing through plenty of gorgeous designer dresses, and I came across this elegant and chic oatmeal coloured dress in L.K.Bennett, and of course I had to try it on!

 The shop assistant recommended  a pair of classic glossy black heels for me try on with the dress. The outfit, with a contrasting soft beige and glossy black, I think would be suited to a professional work environment or formal occasion; I know I'd love to wear this to work when I get a job in Journalism!

The price of the dress was reduced to £75 from £197 which I thought was quite reasonable for a designer item; maybe not for a student like me but for a high-earning working professional, I think it'd be quite affordable.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sex and the City: Get Carrie's look!

Sex and the City. This is a TV series I fell in love with after watching the first Sex and the City movie. I know the series started in 1998, but the characters and storyline is timeless because it's a story that all girls can relate too, no matter how long ago it was made. Get your hands on the box set for £69.99 at hmv, I know I will at some point, just need to stop myself from raiding my piggy bank! :/Anyway, my favourite character is Carrie (no doubt about that) alongside millions of other Carrie admirers. The character of Carrie is sweet, loyal, friendly and laid-back and I'll tell you what kind of make up and hairstyles you can create to reflect her qualities in yourself.

1. Don't fake it, be a natural beauty.
On Sex and the City, Carrie wears minimal make-up including light foundation matching her skin tone and earthy eyeshadow. Her effortless blend of neutral make-up reflects her inner confidence - showing how she is unafraid to let others see her for who she really is; without wearing a mask . Have confidence in your personality and appearance and your natural and inner beauty will shine through, less is more.

2. Get Carrie's loose curls without the heat.
If you weren't born with loose curls like Carrie, try achieving them by using this effortless trick. Before going to bed, Part your hair (preferably damp hair) into 6 sections and twist each section into a neat bun, then secure with a hairband, leave overnight and wallah!- beautiful natural waves you can wear with pride.

3. Don't be afraid to wear bold colours, wear it with confidence and others will think your stunning.
Wear daring and vibrant colours and styles which suit your skin tone and body shape. Not only will they make you feel confident and exhilarated; people will take more notice of you, just like how a pair of red heels stand out amongst black ones, you see my common sense? Just like Carrie, don't feel restrained to dress with the crowd; if you love a dress than wear it! Be Yourself.

London Fashion Week: Giles

As all of you fashion lovers probably know, this years London fashion week started yesterday on the 17th February and will continue until the 22nd February. Throughout the duration of the fashion show; many worldwide iconic fashion designers will be featuring their new collections in the show; this includes Paul Smith, Mulberry, Nicole Fahri and Jasper Conran. I have to say though, while I was looking through the London Fashion week schedule, one designer really stood out for me. Amongst the Giles Spring/summer collection of statement, shapely and playful clothes; I love the Midnight blue silk dress which looks both sensual and effortless; which I think was intentionally done by Giles to give a gracefully captivating look. To see the rest of Giles' collection visit this link> www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/designer-profile.aspx?DesignerID=129  I think it's great that he parades the collection on a model who doesn't look anorexic- but slim and glowing. It almost seems like most designer's think it looks great when their models look half-starved! 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ralph Lauren Spring collection: Valentina

I couldn't help but notice the new Ralph Lauren Spring Collection, its sleek delicate and inherently female. The collection parades innocent ivory, champagne, soft blush and silver dresses; as well as exquisitely intricate beadwork. Though I have to favour the Valentina look. The gentle floral georgetta skirt blends so well with the jade metallic silk tank top and blue mohair vintaged cardigan. It's contrasting pastel colours give it a casual yet subtle look. The romantic outfit was 'inspired by the feminine innocence of Jazz age of Jazz age sportswear' though unfortunately the prices aren't so Jazzy! Since the shirts alone are likely to be £70 + in may be wiser to look at some cheaper alternatives despite all its glory.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quality Material Handbag by Fendi

Fendi are currently making quality and gorgeous products including one of their finest products. Fendi's latest bag is created with brown striped fabric and a leather handle which is made with skill and expertise - a strong bag ideal for everyday life. The warm chocolate shaded stripes are relaxed and chilled; inviting with a touch of luxury. The red leather handle adds a splash of vibrance to the overall design and the golden buckle completes the look. This bag is perfect for someone constantly on the go; it's durable with plentiful storage space, yet stylish and blends with most outfits. This bag is suited well to a vintage style of clothing: the models forest green long-sleeved shirt and pale brown tweed dress is well suited to the rich and strong red and brown tones. I'm unsure of the price of this product, but I'm pretty sure it's above £100 as normally, designer brands are exceptionally pricey! However, New Look are currently making a similar bag called the Velvet Stripe Duffle Bag for just £14.99! It may not me designer, but it is definitely an amazing find!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn/Winter outfit by Marc Cain

This cute and casual outfit is featured in Marc Cain's Autumn/Winter Collections. It's sassy and stylish and it's neutral shade's fit in smoothly with the cool tone of autumn. The leopard print shirt is fitted, therefore accentuating curves and narrow waists - incredibly flattering for those with straight or curvy body shape's! The shirt is perfectly complimented by the chocolate leather shorts with integral belt loops; and the leather is most definitely of the finest quality - reassuring long lasting luxury! Although this may be an irresistable trend, the shorts alone cost a massive £438.27! On a tight budget? Don't worry, New look are currently doing similar designs to this for a fraction of the price which look just as glam!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Crocodile skin bag by Ralph Lauren

There's nothing more in style right now than this stunning crocodile skin bag by Ralph Lauren! It's available in a variety of colours including blueberry and dark chocolate; and would look exceptionally chic embraced with some quality brown leather gloves - also available from the Ralph Lauren Collection. This stylish statement fashion accessory, will surely give a kick of luxury to a beautiful outfit. Being on a tight budget myself (The bag costs over £400... ouch!), i can only imagine owning one of these gorgeous creations! But we can still dream... and maybe one day, I will get one!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Patent Leather Pumps by Louis Vuitton

Soo winter is on it's way, and what would be more glam than to start it with a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps! These slick patent leather heels are featured in the Winter 2011 - Pumps collection; their sassy yet chic and can be worn for a great night out. The stylized bow adds a cute and playful touch, ideal for girls with a playful attitude! Black fishnet tights and a pencil skirt worn with the pumps, would create a classy work look! These heels would look gorgeous with a matching Louis Vuitton patent leather bag. The 'Wilshire PM' bag  in Monogram Vernis Leather is an excellent choice; named after the Wilshire Boulevard in California. Purchase these items from your nearest Louis Vuitton store. Happy shopping!

Pleasures delight by Estee Lauder

'Pleasures delight' is the brand new perfume by Estee Lauder; and inspired by the daily pleasures of life. This subtle yet sweet and memorable fragrance has a sweet delicious scent that'll surely remain strong for hours. In my experience, this fragrance is a very sensual, desirable scent that is not too overpowering, like cheap products. It'll make you feel a million dollars and beautiful - well worth every penny! Buy it for £47.00 from the estee lauder website, or just £24.95 from Amazon!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Make up by Christian Dior

This glamorous make up look was designed creatively and imaginatively by Christian Dior. Subtle lilac eyeshadow was swept over the lids, with a dab of white, for a reflective effect. Reflective looks were also created at Christian Dior using shimmering discs, of various sizes, applied to the eyelids, brows and forehead. This dazzling eye make up contrasted well against the rich red lipstick - carefully applied by a lip brush. A pale pink concealer was then used to cover up dark circles and lighten the face which made the make up design more prominent. This design can be toned down for an evening out. Simply apply some eyeshadow in this shade ( bobbibrowns eyeshadow in shade 'Navajo' blends well ) to the lids and a dab of white eyeshadow in the center for a better effect. Use a lash lengthening mascara such as 'Fusion Mascara' by Max Factor  and then finish with a lipstick. M.A.C red  is long lasting with great texture.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Golden Hue Summer Dress by Jonathan Saunders

This Bright golden hue summer dress, is certainly a trend this summer. Whilst delicate florals are the easy option; super bright hues give out confidence and energy - really capturing the spirit and breeze of summer. Vogue said "Go for block-heeled sandals, wedges or flats (Sergio Rossi's are great), and add a hat   - a wide brim rather than a fascinator will be more up-to-date". The dress is not only gorgeous, but suited to many occasions. The modest neckline and floaty material adds a touch of elegance and formality to the dress; just add a clutch bag, heels and an elegant hair updo and your there! 

Monday, 29 August 2011

Valentino Couture Hairstyle by Guido Palau

This elegant, romantic and intricate hair design has dazzled beauty critics at the Couture Fashion  Week 2011-12. The desired look carefully created by Guido Palau; was inspired by the delicate beauty and grace of Russian Princesses ; reflecting this manner in the detail and subtle beauty of the design.The hairstyle featured intertwined bejewelled wire into the models' hair with a braided chignon at the back; which Vogue said was 'The prettiest hair look of Couture Fashion Week'

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vogue: Obi belts by Marc Jacobs

Vogue. Where to start! From 6ft catwalk models dressed in extravagant, detailed and intricate clothing to the most desired Louis Vuitton handbags, clothing and accessories. Vogue fashion is revealed to be unique, individual and inspired. Fashion is no longer just beauty, it is a form of 'Art'.
   One of Vogue's latest trends, which i find quite exotic and oriental is the 'Obi belts'. Vogue says that the Obi belts will bring 'an Eastern promise to summer wardrobes'. The eastern styled gold waist defining belt, brings character to this oriental outfit; beautifully complimenting the purple and orange spicy colours. The Obi belts by Marc Jacobs is an expensive, tasteful and trendy accessory, easily spicing up outfits with a pinch of oriental design.


Summer holiday's are supposed to be great aren't they? day's filled with endless sunbathing, vacations somewhere abroad on a beautiful resort with white sandy beaches and a warm clear blue sea reflecting picturesque sunsets; a time to go places with friends and family and have a great time...Well my holiday so far hasn't really been eventful or much fun, they say money doesn't buy you happiness but really thats only half true! You need money to see most places of interest to have a memorable and enjoyable experience with friends and family :) The weather may be bad where I live and I may be broke, but will that stop me from having fun? Nope! If any of you feel continuously bored on holiday's, be spontaneous! do things you wouldn't usually do and you'll find that making the most of what you have and finding fun things to do yourself, turns out to be fun when you share it with the people you care about x Remember its not about where you go, its about who you go with! x