Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn/Winter outfit by Marc Cain

This cute and casual outfit is featured in Marc Cain's Autumn/Winter Collections. It's sassy and stylish and it's neutral shade's fit in smoothly with the cool tone of autumn. The leopard print shirt is fitted, therefore accentuating curves and narrow waists - incredibly flattering for those with straight or curvy body shape's! The shirt is perfectly complimented by the chocolate leather shorts with integral belt loops; and the leather is most definitely of the finest quality - reassuring long lasting luxury! Although this may be an irresistable trend, the shorts alone cost a massive £438.27! On a tight budget? Don't worry, New look are currently doing similar designs to this for a fraction of the price which look just as glam!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Crocodile skin bag by Ralph Lauren

There's nothing more in style right now than this stunning crocodile skin bag by Ralph Lauren! It's available in a variety of colours including blueberry and dark chocolate; and would look exceptionally chic embraced with some quality brown leather gloves - also available from the Ralph Lauren Collection. This stylish statement fashion accessory, will surely give a kick of luxury to a beautiful outfit. Being on a tight budget myself (The bag costs over £400... ouch!), i can only imagine owning one of these gorgeous creations! But we can still dream... and maybe one day, I will get one!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Patent Leather Pumps by Louis Vuitton

Soo winter is on it's way, and what would be more glam than to start it with a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps! These slick patent leather heels are featured in the Winter 2011 - Pumps collection; their sassy yet chic and can be worn for a great night out. The stylized bow adds a cute and playful touch, ideal for girls with a playful attitude! Black fishnet tights and a pencil skirt worn with the pumps, would create a classy work look! These heels would look gorgeous with a matching Louis Vuitton patent leather bag. The 'Wilshire PM' bag  in Monogram Vernis Leather is an excellent choice; named after the Wilshire Boulevard in California. Purchase these items from your nearest Louis Vuitton store. Happy shopping!

Pleasures delight by Estee Lauder

'Pleasures delight' is the brand new perfume by Estee Lauder; and inspired by the daily pleasures of life. This subtle yet sweet and memorable fragrance has a sweet delicious scent that'll surely remain strong for hours. In my experience, this fragrance is a very sensual, desirable scent that is not too overpowering, like cheap products. It'll make you feel a million dollars and beautiful - well worth every penny! Buy it for £47.00 from the estee lauder website, or just £24.95 from Amazon!