Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quality Material Handbag by Fendi

Fendi are currently making quality and gorgeous products including one of their finest products. Fendi's latest bag is created with brown striped fabric and a leather handle which is made with skill and expertise - a strong bag ideal for everyday life. The warm chocolate shaded stripes are relaxed and chilled; inviting with a touch of luxury. The red leather handle adds a splash of vibrance to the overall design and the golden buckle completes the look. This bag is perfect for someone constantly on the go; it's durable with plentiful storage space, yet stylish and blends with most outfits. This bag is suited well to a vintage style of clothing: the models forest green long-sleeved shirt and pale brown tweed dress is well suited to the rich and strong red and brown tones. I'm unsure of the price of this product, but I'm pretty sure it's above £100 as normally, designer brands are exceptionally pricey! However, New Look are currently making a similar bag called the Velvet Stripe Duffle Bag for just £14.99! It may not me designer, but it is definitely an amazing find!