Sunday, 28 August 2011


Summer holiday's are supposed to be great aren't they? day's filled with endless sunbathing, vacations somewhere abroad on a beautiful resort with white sandy beaches and a warm clear blue sea reflecting picturesque sunsets; a time to go places with friends and family and have a great time...Well my holiday so far hasn't really been eventful or much fun, they say money doesn't buy you happiness but really thats only half true! You need money to see most places of interest to have a memorable and enjoyable experience with friends and family :) The weather may be bad where I live and I may be broke, but will that stop me from having fun? Nope! If any of you feel continuously bored on holiday's, be spontaneous! do things you wouldn't usually do and you'll find that making the most of what you have and finding fun things to do yourself, turns out to be fun when you share it with the people you care about x Remember its not about where you go, its about who you go with! x

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