Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Make up by Christian Dior

This glamorous make up look was designed creatively and imaginatively by Christian Dior. Subtle lilac eyeshadow was swept over the lids, with a dab of white, for a reflective effect. Reflective looks were also created at Christian Dior using shimmering discs, of various sizes, applied to the eyelids, brows and forehead. This dazzling eye make up contrasted well against the rich red lipstick - carefully applied by a lip brush. A pale pink concealer was then used to cover up dark circles and lighten the face which made the make up design more prominent. This design can be toned down for an evening out. Simply apply some eyeshadow in this shade ( bobbibrowns eyeshadow in shade 'Navajo' blends well ) to the lids and a dab of white eyeshadow in the center for a better effect. Use a lash lengthening mascara such as 'Fusion Mascara' by Max Factor  and then finish with a lipstick. M.A.C red  is long lasting with great texture.

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