Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vogue: Obi belts by Marc Jacobs

Vogue. Where to start! From 6ft catwalk models dressed in extravagant, detailed and intricate clothing to the most desired Louis Vuitton handbags, clothing and accessories. Vogue fashion is revealed to be unique, individual and inspired. Fashion is no longer just beauty, it is a form of 'Art'.
   One of Vogue's latest trends, which i find quite exotic and oriental is the 'Obi belts'. Vogue says that the Obi belts will bring 'an Eastern promise to summer wardrobes'. The eastern styled gold waist defining belt, brings character to this oriental outfit; beautifully complimenting the purple and orange spicy colours. The Obi belts by Marc Jacobs is an expensive, tasteful and trendy accessory, easily spicing up outfits with a pinch of oriental design.

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